Beta releases tend to have bugs, and this latest one from Android Q Beta 3 might be a bit unfortunate for those of you who use contactless payments. Many on Beta 3 are reporting that Google Pay is broken, presumably because of a SafetyNet issue similar to the one from Android P DP4 last year.

According to the tips we've received, Beta 3 is giving many Google Pay users trouble. One reader attempted to remove and re-add his card, but he then got a notification saying that his phone had been altered and that Pay wouldn't function. A reddit user in r/android_beta had the same experience and found that his phone did not pass a SafetyNet test. That being said, my Pixel 3 XL on Beta 3 passed both SafetyNet testers I threw at it.

As Apple intern @topjohnwu pointed out back when something similar happened during Android P DP4, Google is clear in its Beta release notes that Android Q Beta devices are not CTS-approved. It's odd that the issue is affecting some Beta 3 users and not others, but hopefully we hear about a fix from Google sooner than later.

From the outset this looked to be a temporary situation, and we're happy to say that a resolution is already arriving. Google was quick to latch on to reports of this bug, and as of now the issue with Beta 3 and Pay should be resolved.

You're going to want to manually clear Play Store data and reboot your phone, but hopefully that should get mobile payments working again. While we are seeing some reports of users continuing to experience errors, give this process a shot and see if it doesn't work for you.

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