Support for Tenor GIFs was recently added to Google's SMS messaging app, allowing you to easily add a GIF into your chats by tapping on the + and then 'GIF search.' Google really wants to encourage you to use this, it seems, as it's now offering suggestions for GIF searches based on your conversations.

In the last few days, users may have noticed these recommendations appear above the text entry field, in the same spot as smart replies or suggested actions. If you enjoy sending GIFs in your chats, you may find these useful, although in many cases you might have wanted to send a GIF instead of the text so perhaps they'll come too late.

It's unclear whether the suggestions appear only for things you've said, or also that of the person you're chatting to. The feature is similar to one already available in Gboard, so you really have no excuse not to be spewing out GIFs left and right.