As part of Android Q Beta 3, Google has created 230 new emojis, including 53 that are gender-neutral. What this means is the icon can represent both a man and a woman, without identifying to a particular gender. In order to achieve this, Google has focused on designing a hairstyle that can be worn by both women and men.

The company has also worked on other details to make the emojis gender-fluid like choosing a more neutral color for clothing or getting rid of accessories such as ties or bras. Interestingly, I feel like the result works well for most emojis, but some of them are confusing, which is probably the whole point anyway.

These new emojis will initially be available on Pixels in the coming days, before expanding to all Android devices. In the meantime, if you try to send one of them to a device that doesn't support gender-neutral emojis yet, it will simply pick a gender-specific one.

Google is known for being an inclusive company, and being one of the first to release a set of such emojis highlights this. Hopefully, other firms like Apple and Facebook will design theirs, so such an initiative can become more widespread.