Android Q's third beta landed yesterday during I/O and we've been swamped with tips about changes small to major in the interface. One of the minor ones, but still important, is a new setting in Battery Saver that lets you turn off the mode when your device is nearly fully charged.

Battery Saver's behavior when you plug your phone in then unplug it has been a confusing thing. Every few versions of Android (sometimes even from one beta to the other), it switches, but it looks like Android Q is finally giving users a specific way to control that.

Left: Android Q Beta 2. Right: Android Q Beta 3.

A new setting under Battery Saver will let you choose whether the mode turns off once your device's battery reaches 90% charge or not. You can't change the cutoff percentage, but at least you'll know your phone will return to behaving normally once it's nearly full, even if it's still plugged in.

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  • Nick Cipriani