Vibrations are one of the most annoying things a smartphone can do, in my opinion. I disable them on every device I get — yes, even including haptics. However, if you're a lover of all things that vibrate (no puns intended), but you prefer to have controls for phone calls that are separate from app notifications, you'll be happy to know that Android Q has made that possible.

Because I never mess with these settings, I hadn't noticed that there were changed in earlier Q beta versions, but Artem just pointed them out to me. In both Android Q Beta 2 and 3 (and possibly 1), you can see that the Vibration menu (under Settings > Accessibility) has standalone settings for rings and notifications. So you can turn off vibration for all of your app notifications for example but set phone calls to a high intensity. Or the opposite if you rely heavily on notifications but don't care about rings and calls. You can also customize the vibration's intensity from low to medium or high.

Left: Vibration setting in Pie. Middle: Q Beta 3. Right: Standalone ring vibration in Q Beta 3.

Speaking of intensities, the various levels have been appearing and disappearing across the latest versions of Android. They first showed up in P DP1, switched back to just on/off in P DP4, came back in Pie stable, reverted to on/off on Q Beta 2, and have now re-emerged in Q Beta 3. Talk about a consistent experience...