Reuters has reported that Tencent has pulled PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds from the Chinese marketplace. In an effort to retain its lucrative player base in China the studio has shifted focus to a similar title with an anti-terrorism-theme called Game for Peace. Luckily for Tencent, Game for Peace was approved for monetization in China last month.

Apparently, Tencent had been waiting for over a year on a Chinese regulatory board to approve monetization for PUBG, which has clearly not panned out. Supposedly Tencent's official account on the popular Chinese social media platform Weibo states that PUBG's testing run in China is coming to an end and that in its place the company has launched the aforementioned anti-terrorism-themed Game for Peace. Tencent has described this new release as a tactical shooter and stated that it was developed in-house to pay tribute to the blue sky warriors (a reference to the Chinese air force) that guard the country’s airspace.

Gaming Mobile's gameplay video of Game for Peace

As you can see in the above video, Game for Peace closely resembles PUBG, but one key difference pointed out over at Eurogamer shows that things like blood and gore have been completely removed, and so when a player dies they creepily wave at their opponent instead of falling to the ground as blood splatters across the screen. What's really crazy is that this new patriotic version completely replaces PUBG, and apparently, all you have to do is update the game to receive the new version (if you live in China). You won't even have to start from scratch. Chinese users are reporting that their PUBG skill level carries over to Game for Peace without a hitch, almost as if it's the exact same game with a few key differences clearly designed to appease a Chinese regulatory board.