Nest's business model involves sticking internet-connected HD cameras in people's homes, so naturally, security is essential. Nest has announced a new commitment to privacy and security. Nest promises to be more open about what it does with your data, and you'll have the option of migrating to a Google account.

According to Nest, it has adopted a new set of privacy commitments. There are specifics in the blog post, but it boils down to explaining how it manages your data and what capabilities exist in your Nest devices. So, that hidden microphone in the Nest Secure will never happen again.

Several high-profile account breaches have embarrassed Nest in recent months, but that's thanks to people using bad passwords. While Nest does offer basic 2-factor authentication features, the overall account security isn't as robust as Google's. That's why users will have the option of migrating their Nest accounts to Google accounts in the coming months. You'll get the advanced 2-factor features of Google along with suspicious activity detection and security checkup.

Lastly, Nest is ending the Works with Nest developer program. That might sound like bad news, but it's being replaced with support for the Works with Google Assistant program. Developers will have time to adjust as the change doesn't go into effect until August 31st.

True to its promise, Google now has a dedicated page on its Store explaining the various facets of privacy on Nest as well as a support page with a list of all the sensors included in Nest devices and a thorough explanation of what they do.