Android Q is changing how default applications work. The new 'Roles' function allows apps to automatically gain certain relevant permissions when they become the default for a certain function. In a similar vein, the menu for selecting which browser to use has been slightly improved.

In previous Android Q betas, when you tapped a link in any app, there was no easily-accessible option to set a default browser. Furthermore, tapping the 'Settings' button took you to the App Info for the current default browser.

Left: Android 9 Pie; Center, Right: Android Q Beta 3

Starting with Android Q Beta 3, tapping the 'Settings' button actually takes you to the screen where you can select what browser you want as the default. By comparison, Android 9 Pie gives you two buttons: 'Always' and 'Just once.'

In summary, compared to both Android 9 Pie and the previous beta releases, it's more clear how to set your default browser and how to change it later. Definitely not the most important change in the whole release, but it's still a welcome addition.

  • Thanks:
  • Samarth Verma