You might remember when Google announced it was cracking down on overlay permissions in Android Q, which have been responsible for plenty of security-related headaches for both users and Google's developers. It turns out, that may just have been the start, as Google revealed yesterday that it is planning on fully deprecating that permission in a future Android release, replacing it entirely with Q's new bubbles-style notifications.

A handful of major apps like Facebook's Messenger use the permission for their bubbly "chat head" notifications, but with Android Q including its own implementation for that style of notification, they're unlikely to be seriously affected. Other applications like Pokemon Go stats apps and network status overlays that don't need the features (and restrictions) of bubbles will run into issues, though.

Although the permission will eventually go away, its death date is still TBD; although Google has said it is going away in a future release, we can't be sure when that will actually happen.

Google previously committed to removing the permission entirely in Android Q's "Go" edition, and even in the non-Go version of Android Q, the permission is now automatically revoked in applications that request it after 30 seconds.