We love news of Google Assistant adding more language support. This means more people can talk to this digital helper in their native tongue, extending its reach and usefulness. Today sees one more language being supported: Vietnamese.

The option to use Assistant in Tieng Viet wasn't available a couple of months ago, but now it has showed up for me and I was able to choose it as a second language (along with English). To do so, launch Assistant by long-pressing on the home button, tap the bottom right icon that looks like a compass, then your profile picture on the top right and choose Settings > Assistant > Languages.

From my limited tests using Google Translate, things seemed fine, but Vietnamese is still in beta, so expect a few features to not be fully functional (most likely smart home support) as well as possible issues with comprehension and pronunciation. It's also limited to phones and tablets, so it won't work on your smart speakers, Android TV, or other devices.