Google Assistant gets ever more powerful, and the company is hard at work to iterate on it. During Google I/O today, the company has revealed three new features: "Picks for you," "Personal references," and assignable reminders.

"Picks for you" allows you to ask for personal places, upcoming events, and podcasts. For example, saying "What should I cook for dinner" will give you personalized recipe recommendations. We've already covered the predecessor of this feature in our roundup of Google Home tips and tricks. It allowed you to pick your favorite sports team and ask the Assistant how it did.

The second new feature, "Personal References," lets you ask stuff like "What's the weather at Mom's house today," assuming her address is saved to her entry in the Contacts app. You can even pose more advanced queries like "Remind me to order flowers a week before Mom's birthday." This is probably related to a feature for identifying relationships with other household members we uncovered in a previous teardown of the Google app.

Another killer feature announced today is "Assignable Reminders." This finally allows you to do exactly what its name implies – you can ask Google to remind other members of your household to run an errand or to pay the bills.

You can adjust these features in the new You tab in the Google account settings. The new capabilities should roll out this summer.

The new interface for Your places, which is part of Personal References, is rolling out to some users. Our tipster has received the updated look in his Assistant settings, where he can add new places other than work and home. I'm still rocking the old version, so as always, we need some patience until rollout is completed.

Left: New. Right: Old.

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