The third beta of Android Q is in the wild now, and it's a mixed bag so far. There are some good things, like the updated gesture navigation system; and some bad, like the loss of notification snoozing. Certain things are also seeing iterative changes, like the simplified notification alert settings that have appeared in Q Beta 3.

In Android 9 Pie, long-pressing or swiping and selecting the bell would give you three options for each type of notification: Block, Show silently, or keep alerting. The same mode of action now only presents you with two main options. For some people, these will be called Alert me and Show silently, for others they will read as Interruptive or Gentle, possibly due to location or language. In either case, the iconography is the same — soundwaves corresponding to the volume of each setting. To avoid accidental changes, you also have to tap 'Apply' in the bottom left to confirm your selection.

It's clear this is just a renaming of the same options with a simplified approach to displaying them. A less prominent button in the bottom left still allows you to 'Turn off notifications,' and if you tap the cog in the top right corner you can go to each notification category for the app in question and see the same old behavior options of Block, Show silently, and Alert, except now they aren't hiding behind another expandable menu. The Minimize option has also been broken out into its own distinct toggle, too.

The new Q category menu and the old alert options from Pie.

Google may be testing different ways of doing this, and it's all subject to change anyway since we're talking about beta software.

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