A smart display has numerous uses, many of which you don't "get" until you have one in your home. For example, you can watch video while you buzz around the kitchen. That's the use case Google showed in its Nest Hub Max demo. Google's Rick Osterloh also casually revealed a new YouTube TV feature: an on-screen guide.

Google's smart displays support watching YouTube TV, of course. They're cast targets, and you can ask to watch a specific channel or program. However, now you can ask "What's on TV?" and there's the new guide UI to help you figure out what to watch. Tap, and the Hub loads the selected channel.

You can see the guide in action for a few seconds at about 1:23:45 in the above video. Google didn't say when this feature would roll out. It might even be live already on the Home Hub. Sorry, I mean the Nest Hub.