Google Assistant is about to get smaller, smarter, and faster. The company has announced at I/O 2019 that it has shrunk 100GB of voice samples and language modeling into half a gigabyte and can now store them locally on devices, meaning that consecutive voice queries can now be responded to immediately. This next-generation Assistant is coming to the Pixel phones to be released later this year.

With the new data in local storage, the assistant will be able to tackle queries one by one in succession with "nearly zero latency." This new ability, called Continued Conversation, will allow users to open apps, order rides from personal transport apps, and respond to emails and texts without the need to keep saying "Hey Google." It doesn't even need an internet connection.

Queries in Continued Conversation will be spelled out in the navigation bar at the bottom-right corner.

Again, Google says this feature is slated to arrive on new Pixel phones coming later this year.