For the past couple of years, Google I/O has been devoid of any hardware announcements, leaving all of Google's new gadget introduction until the Pixel event in October. But 2019 is promising to be different: we know the new Pixel 3a will be introduced today, but it won't likely be the only new device on show. The rumored Nest Hub Max might make an appearance as well.

A new FCC filing surfaced just now for an "interactive video streaming device" from Google LLC, codenamed H2A. For comparison, the Google Home Hub was H1A, so H2A should be its successor. I'm not in the habit of reading FCC filings, but I can see that it will support Bluetooth and dual-band WiFi, plus one other band that isn't clearly labeled. Part of me wants it to be ZigBee so the Hub Max could communicate with some lights directly without the need for a hub like the Echo+, but I doubt that's the case.

Aside from this, we don't know much about the Nest Hub Max. It's supposed to have a camera, 10" HD screen, and stereo speakers, so it will likely be more of an upgraded Home Hub with Nest camera functionality built in, Duo calls, and better sound. We only need to wait a few more hours to find out more.