Google I/O, aka one of the annual nerd Christmases, is almost upon us. The hours are counting down quickly and we're getting closer and closer to the opening keynote. There's a lot to expect this year, from the much-leaked Pixel 3a and 3a XL, more Android Q news including possibly a new beta (and, like last year, the availability of said beta for more non-Pixel devices), lots of Assistant things, and more. If you're as excited about this as we are, here's what you need to know.

The keynote will be livestreamed on Google's I/O site and its YouTube channel. We've embedded the video below so you can easily watch it from this post if you prefer. The timing is set to 10:00 AM PST, which translates to:

  • 1:00 PM New York / EST
  • 5:00 PM GMT
  • 6:00 PM London
  • 7:00 PM Paris / Berlin / CEST
  • 10:30 PM New Delhi
  • 2:00 AM Tokyo
  • 3:00 AM Sydney

Follow-up keynotes and presentations will also be streamed live, and you can check the full I/O schedule here or keep an eye on Google's various YouTube channels, especially the Developers one to either watch them on the spot or catch up on them later.

You should also keep refreshing Android Police, as we'll be bringing you the news live as fast as we can. Artem's investment in robot typists keeps paying off, year after year, so we're sure this one will be no different. We're expecting no less than 20 articles an hour.