Google has just started talking about Android Q on stage at I/O and has now officially confirmed that the new version of the OS will come with the glorious, long-awaited Dark Theme. The company says the new look will help you save battery on your device, since black and grey don't need as much light and thus power as white and bright colors.

We've been expecting and awaiting this feature for a long time already. Starting with Q Beta 1, battery saving mode stopped showing those ugly orange backgrounds beneath the navigation and status bars and instead revealed a dark mode. When the preview first launched, there weren't many apps that properly adjusted their colors according to the current theme. However, Google has updated more and more of its applications with support for just that. Dark Mode is probably also supposed to turn on automatically at dusk in the long run.

Now, we finally have the official confirmation that Google embraces dark colors as much as white spaces. Let's just hope that the company becomes more consistent and decides whether it wants to use black or dark grey. Google needs the mode to be picture-perfect at launch to gain any traction with third-party developers.