To kick off Google I/O, CEO Sundar Pichai began the keynote with talking about Search, Google's bread and butter. We've all seen the evolution over time that has made Google the dominant search engine and the go-to for basically everyone, but I/O 2019 brings the next step in that evolution. When you search for a relevant topic, Search will show you full news coverage relating to that query, and podcasts about it.

In the keynote, the example they used was the black hole from earlier this year. Just searching "black hole," the demo showed off news stories about the imaging, the name (and its meaning), and so on. In short, it creates a highly contextual search result that helps you get the important info fast. Podcasts can be added to a listen later playlist for your commute home or on your Home.

News and Podcasts will be coming to Search later this year, according to Google.