Last year, one of the highlights that Google talked about was Duplex, where Assistant could call and make reservations for you. The creepy-yet-totally-cool factor was astronomically high, and since last year, Duplex has expanded to 44 states in the US. But Duplex isn't just for phone calls, you know — Duplex on the web is here to make sure that your online tasks are easy as pie.

In the keynote demo, we saw Assistant book a car rental for an upcoming trip to Chicago. It pulled the info from the itinerary and started booking a car from National. Sundar said this would also work with movie tickets and so on. It's currently just an early preview, but it was pointed out that Duplex on the web did not require any integrations from the businesses. It was all live.

We should hear more about Duplex on the web later this year, like we did with Duplex last year. It sounds absolutely amazing, if I'm being honest.