If you're a developer creating actions for Google's smart home products, you just got some more tools to play with — 3 new device traits and 18 new device types like security systems, garage doors, and water heaters.

Device Types

These are the sixteen new device types added: Awning, Boiler, Curtain, Door, Garage Door, Gate, Hood, Lock, Microwave, Pergola, Security System, Shutter, Shower, Valve, Water heater, and Window. You can view the complete list of 38 device types here.

Device Traits

Three new device traits have been added: LockUnlock, ArmDisarm, and Timer. There are now a total of 18 device traits that can be used.

While there are already products out there in the categories mentioned above, like the Nest Secure and Nuki Smart Lock 2.0, documentation had been shared privately so far. Google has now opened this up to all, even publishing a sample project on GitHub to help developers get started.