Living in the digital age, we have almost everything we need to keep informed at our fingertips. Sometimes, however, we need to disconnect, whether it's to get homework done or enjoy time with family and friends. Previously, we've had options like Airplane Mode and Do Not Disturb, both of which do the job quite well. Unfortunately, they're an all-or-nothing solution, so Android will be getting a third choice: Focus Mode.

Distracting apps can be disabled while you're in "Focus Mode," though at least some notifications will be allowed through. If you're particularly distracted by email, Instagram, or YouTube, you can silence those apps while keeping your other ones active. So if you're trying to get some work done, keep your work emails and messaging app up, but close off the others (for me, it'd be Sync for Reddit and Twitter).

Focus Mode is coming to both Pie and Q this fall as a part of the Digital Wellbeing suite.