Most developers should be familiar with Google's cross-platform, portable UI framework Flutter, which can make developing apps for both Android and iOS a whole lot easier. In fact, it just recently hit 1.0 late last year. Today, at the company's I/O developer conference, Google has announced a technical preview for the Flutter's next logical step: the web.

The announcement was delivered during the Developer Keynote (embedded below).

In fact, the New York Times is using the new technical demo already for one of its puzzle apps, KENKEN, giving a single codebase the ability to run on Android, iOS, PC, Mac, and the web, all natively. In fact, even the Home Hub uses some Flutter.

It's still under active development, hence the "technical preview," but Google is soliciting feedback from adventurous developers interested in giving the cross-platform toolkit a shot.

Fluter for desktop is being graduated from an "experiment" into an "engine," so while it's still not production ready, Google's now shipping instructions on how to use it. The standard, core Flutter framework is also being updated to version 1.5, delivering changes of its own, including Dart 2.3 support and a new UI-as-code language features.

For more information, interested developers should check out the full "Bringing Flutter to the Web" blog post.