It's no secret that driving and cellphones don't mix. On the Pixel 2, users can create a rule for automatically engaging Do Not Disturb. On the Pixel 3, there's a new option to open Android Auto automatically with Driving Mode.

Available exclusively on the Pixel 3 lineup, Driving Mode gives the familiar option for turning on Do Not Disturb, but also the new ability to 'Open Android Auto.' Using the latter, users can choose how they would like the phone to decide when to engage the car system – either when the device connects to Bluetooth or when driving is detected based on traveling speed.

To set it up on the Pixel 3:

  1. Open the Settings app
  2. Tap Connected devices > Connection preferences > Driving mode
  3. Tap Behavior
    1. Choose 'Open Android Auto' or 'Turn on Do Not Disturb'
  4. Tap Turn on Automatically
    1. Choose how you would like your phone to detect driving.

Driving mode is also present on the Pixel 3a, which was announced today at Google I/O 2019. The setup process is identical.