B&H has always been near the top of our recommendations for deals because, previously, the retailer never charged sales tax outside of New York and New Jersey, thus making items cheaper than other places. But not too long ago, B&H was forced to cave and start charging tax due to a Supreme Court ruling addressing this issue. However, it's fired back with the oddly-named Payboo, a credit card that refunds you for any sales tax you pay on B&H.

Payboo is backed by Synchrony Bank and features a revolving credit limit for purchases made on or in B&H. The sales tax "reimbursement" works as an instant reward applied to your account at the time of purchase, whether you're in store or getting your items shipped to an eligible state.

Like all credit cards, you need to apply and be approved before you can start saving money on sales taxes. Payboo, as ridiculous as it sounds to say aloud, is an interesting means of abiding by the law while providing customer value. We'll see how long B&H is able to do this — I honestly thought it was a very late April Fool's joke when I initially saw the very strange email from the CEO.