There's nothing like the sinking feeling of seeing your smartphone fall into the sea, with no hope of ever retrieving it. One moment you were happy taking photos on your boat cruise and the next, plonk! Forever gone. Unless you're the luckiest person on the face of the planet and a beluga whale swoops in, grabs your phone, and brings it back up to you, grins widely, and asks for nothing but a few gentle pets. This whale is the gooddest boy/girl ever.

The video was posted by Isa Opdahl Larsson on Instagram, and geotagged to Hammerfest, Norway. Theories on how or why the whale did this are varied, from linking it to Russian spy whales, saying it could be trained, or even suggesting the video could be doctored. We don't care about any, we believe in magic and this whale is magical.

And if your brain is thinking that the reverse video would be ridiculously awesome too, you're right. Someone's already made it, so you can watch the whale be all cute, then grab the phone, and slowly sink to the depth of the ocean, Titanic style. Whale, whale, whale, what a thief!

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Image Credit: sarahjjay