Google is well aware that its products are used by children, with the average age of kids receiving their first smartphone now down to eight. That's why the company has announced a whole slew of options for parents to control their minors' phone usage by putting Family Link features right inside Android Q's settings, for all devices receiving the latest OS.

The feature sits right inside Digital Wellbeing. Here, parents can set up their children's phones and control daily limits, bedtimes, and get an insight into which apps their kids spend time in. These options were available through Family Link for a while already, but Google now makes it easier to set everything up by baking it right into the OS.

There are also some improvements to parental controls. Kids can ask for bonus time that can be granted or denied, so it's not a system that's 100 percent rigid anymore, allowing for negotiations. Also new is the option to set time limits for specific apps, not just the complete device.

While I think that children that young maybe shouldn't have a smartphone in the first place, parents can now at least have some peace of mind and don't need to worry about their kids' faces being glued to screens all day.