Android Q already introduced a new feature that allows users to restrict an app's access to location data so it is only available while the app is in the foreground. Along with this change, a new screen was also added to Settings that gives users far more visibility of current settings and which apps have recently used this access to get your position. A new aspect of these enhancements was introduced during the Google I/O keynote that will give reminders to users when an app is accessing location while sitting in the background.

The reminder won't appear for an app in the foreground, so you'll only see it when background apps are reading your location. It comes in the form of a notification that lets you know which app is responsible for getting your position, and you can tap on the notification to change settings for that app if you want.

This should give users a fairly thorough view of which apps are asking for location and enough control to keep them behaving the way you want, all without manually turning location on and off.

The reminder has been showing up for some users on Android Q Beta 3. Here's what it looks like, courtesy of Ramit Suri.