If you think paying nearly $1,000 for a good phone these days is bonkers, you're not alone — we think there are plenty of fine unlocked options well under four digits that will suit most if not all your needs. That includes phones from the recent past like the Galaxy S9+, now on Amazon for $534 or less.

Sure, you may not be getting an in-display fingerprint sensor or three cameras on the back as with the Galaxy S10+, but you should be able to a very stable experience overall. The Galaxy S9+ gets all of the basics right and has some of the whimsical software features you may or may not care for.

Samsung and many other U.S. retailers are currently selling unlocked 64GB units new for $600. B&H has the S9+ at the oddball price of $589 while Best Buy will take it down to $500 if you immediately activate it on AT&T, Sprint, or Verizon — the good news is that since you're paying for the device in full and the service isn't on contract, you may choose to pull your phone off the service after a month.

But if you don't have time for that rigmarole, you should take a look at Amazon: prices have dropped precipitously over the past couple of days from the $589 level and it doesn't look like the adjustments are over just yet.

At the moment, Amazon is selling and fulfilling S9+ orders for $533.37 — that number has changed several times since we started writing this story. Meanwhile, third-party sellers on Amazon have been eager to jump in with their own stock at lower prices with one seller going as low as $521. That lot got bought up pretty quick, as you could imagine.

It looks like prices will continue to fluctuate on Amazon's end, so keep an eye out on how things track — you should note the "Other Sellers on Amazon" module at the bottom right of the product page for the latest offers.

These single-SIM units should work on AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon, along with their associated MVNOs. Buyers can redeem service on a limited warranty.