Even though Google Pay is already available from around 2,000 banks and credit unions in the United States, the support list somehow just keeps growing. This time around, there have been 15 new additions since our last update late last month.

Here's the list:

  • American State Bank & Trust Company
  • Commercial Bank
  • Community First Bank of Indiana
  • First National Bank of Paragould
  • Generations Bank (AR)
  • Generations Bank (NY)
  • Greensboro Municipal Federal Credit Union
  • Harvard State Bank
  • Heartland State Bank
  • Minnesota National Bank
  • People's Bank of Commerce
  • PrimeWay Federal Credit Union
  • Spring Bank
  • Tampa State Bank
  • Walden Savings Bank
  • Zellco Federal Credit Union

The more eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed that there are actually 16 bullet points, even though only we've stated that only 15 banks/credit unions have been added. This discrepancy is because there was previously only one "Generations Bank" on the list, but it turns out that there are two completely unrelated US banks with the same name — one in Arkansas, and one in New York. We're assuming that one of the two is new, though it is possible that Google simply chose to split them off for clarity's sake. Nonetheless, if you use either Generations Bank, rest assured that Google Pay does support yours.

Google Pay's been delivering some interesting functionality lately, like the new ability for users in India to directly invest in gold, but even the option to go full Scrooge McDuck won't get in the way of the service's incessant drive to pick up support for new financial institutions. Yesterday we checked out what was happening on the global scene, and today our focus is back on the US, as Google Pay picks up support for 10 more banks:

  • Ascend Federal Credit Union
  • Big Bend Banks, N.A.
  • California Credit Union
  • Capital City Bank
  • Clackamas Federal Credit Union
  • Greater Nevada Credit Union
  • Homestead Bank
  • LGE Community Credit Union
  • PBK Bank, Inc. (US-Stanford, KY)
  • Wheelhouse Credit Union

With less than a week having passed since its last update to the Google Pay bank master list, Google's back at it with a bunch of new action. A fair amount of that is cleanup — fixing alphabetizing errors and expanding "FCU" to "Federal Credit Union" for institutions featuring that in their names. But we've also got 18 brand-new entries joining this ever-growing gang:

  • Acclaim Federal Credit Union
  • American Bank & Trust of the Cumberlands
  • Bank of Bartlett
  • Brighton Bank
  • CUSB Bank
  • Civic Federal Credit Union
  • Coffee County Bank
  • Farmers Credit Union
  • First National Bank in New Bremen
  • Jarrettsville Federal Savings & Loan Association
  • Ocean Bank
  • Quontic Bank
  • Ripco Credit Union
  • RiverWood Bank
  • Service 1 Federal Credit Union
  • The First National Bank and Trust Company
  • Trustmark National Bank
  • VisionBank of Iowa

Google's latest addition to the Pay bank family is short and sweet: just five new entries. Wait, why are there six gathered below? Well, previously there was just one Union Bank & Trust Company on Google's list, but today we see that institution pop up twice, once for Arkansas, and once for Nebraska. Which was the original one? We can't say, which is why we're including them both here.

  • Iowa State Bank
  • LOC Federal Credit Union
  • Lincoln Savings Bank
  • Union Bank & Trust Co. (AR)
  • Union Bank & Trust Company (NE)
  • United Poles Federal Credit Union

OK, so we were wavering on whether this update counted as five or six new banks before, but now we've got no excuse for not just rounding up. In the hours since our last update, Google's added a single new entry to the big banks list, with the arrival of support for The First National Bank in Trinidad.

While we love seeing Google welcome a big group of new banks to the Pay family, lately it seems like we've only been getting one or two, here and there. Following last week's minor correction to its already meager entry, Google's adding just three new banks to its list of Pay-compatible institutions:

  • First Financial of Maryland
  • New Cumberland Federal Credit Union
  • The Peoples Bank (MS)

Is it finally happening? Is Google running out of banks to add to Pay? We're getting further and further removed from our big dozens-strong updates, and these last few have just seen a trickle of new banks added to Google's roster. Today we've got just two more to add:

  • First National Bank of Scotia
  • Jefferson Parish Employees Federal Credit Union