Among Android root and ROM enthusiasts, the name John Wu is well known, being attached to the developer responsible for Magisk. Wu's systemless root solution has had a blistering development pace, repeatedly beating Google when it comes to the cat and mouse game imposed by SafetyNet and other system changes. But today the 23-year-old developer has announced a surprising career move: He's going to be an intern at Apple for the next four months.

It's fairly astounding that Google didn't try to snap him up, given both his deep familiarity with the platform and his well-recognized status among the Android enthusiast development community. Google's loss is Apple's gain, though.

I briefly spoke to Wu about his upcoming internship, and he seemed happy and confident about the opportunity. Although he wasn't entirely sure, he believes that he may end up on a team doing Siri platform-related work. He's also looking forward to enjoying the California weather.