The Google Home Mini has become the most ubiquitous of smart speakers — Google finds them easy to give away, retailers find them easy to discount or bundle, and there's always plenty of stock to go around. In any case, sales do come by often, but whenever you can get an extra discount, you'll take it. Fortunately, Woot has that extra discount on the Home Mini, you just have to buy two of them and you gotta do it today.

Right now, most sellers like the Google Store, Best Buy, and Target have the Google Home Mini priced at $29 — $20 off MSRP. But for today only, Woot is selling them by the pair for $48, an extra $5 off each speaker.

These speakers are in new condition and are available in chalk and charcoal colors. The discount also comes with a major trade-off: you might not get your Home Minis delivered until at least May 14. At least shipping's free for Amazon Prime members. As this is a Deal of the Day, you have until 10p.m. PDT to take advantage of this offer.

They're small, they can be accessorized, and the sound quality's good enough for what you pay. Just be prepared for the onslaught of "Hey Google" if you decide to keep one or both of these in your household.