USB-C is so hot right now. A lot of users refuse to buy products that don't include the new standard, which makes this Anker bundle particularly enticing: it includes both a USB-C-equipped, 20,100 mAh power bank and a 30-watt USB-C wall charger. Even better, you can get it for 40 percent off using our exclusive coupon code.

The power bank's USB-C port can puts out an impressive 24 watts, and its 20,100 mAh capacity means it can fill your phone's battery several times over. The included wall charger can push up to 30 watts, which is enough to charge darn near anything you have that needs charging, including many laptops. The bundle is exceedingly well-reviewed, with more than 70 percent of Amazon buyers rating it five stars.

Normally a hundred bucks, the duo falls to $59.99 when you enter coupon code ANPOAKPD2 at checkout. That's a bargain. Hit the link below to grab yours.