Hyundai was the first automaker to adopt Android Auto with its Sonata back in 2015. Since then, the tech has made its way to virtually every new car (except BMW's, because reasons). The Android Auto support site has just been updated with several cars from Hyundai/Kia, including the Palisade crossover and the G70 and G90 sedans.

First off, here's the list:

  • Genesis
    • G70 2017-
    • G90 2018-
  • Hyundai
    • Palisade 2018-
  • Kia
    • K9 2018-
    • Soul Booster 2019-
    • Soul Booster EV 2019-

We're not surprised to see the Palisade on the list, given that both cars were announced with Android Auto support, though it does appear that someone at Google got the model year wrong — the Palisade was announced in late 2018 and is hitting showrooms this year. The Genesis G90 and Kia K9 appear to be in a similar situation. The Kia Soul Booster and Soul Booster EV round out the list.

You can check if whichever new car you're looking at supports Android Auto via the link below. Chances are that it does, but it doesn't hurt to check.