Voice-activated assistant speakers are nothing short of a marvel — science fiction buffs know the tingle in their spine whenever they order their computer to perform a task. But in 2019, we're busy, the novelty has worn off, and we just want the speaker to do a job we often ask for, but without having to say so every time. Well, it looks like Google Assistant speakers and smart displays could soon allow users to assign specific queries to what may be purpose-designed hardware buttons.

In the Google Assistant help center, we picked up on this passage regarding personal results on shared devices:

Personalized preset buttons

On some speakers with Google Assistant built in, you can set buttons to say your favorite queries. If you save a personalized query to a button and have your personal results turned on, anyone with access to your device can see or hear your personal results when they press the button.

Google's current range of Home speakers and smart displays do not feature buttons that would allow users to set queries such as a briefing routine or a specific command. While it's possible that third-party devices may already have such buttons, we couldn't find one on Google's list of Assistant-enabled speakers and displays.

On a limb, we theorize that some speakers with a button dedicated to triggering Google Assistant may get the ability to program presets on that button through a software update. Otherwise, Google might have tipped its sleeve into a new feature we can expect on future speakers and displays. But that's just our speculation at the moment — we have a hunch we'll be learning more at Google I/O.