Switzerland is known for many things, such as its beautiful mountains, lovely villages, and high living expenses. To make it easier for the Swiss to spend their hard-earned cash, Google is launching its mobile payment system in the country today. Google Pay's support documents speak of a rollout for customers of Cornèrcard, Bonuscard, Swiss Bankers, Revolut, and boon. As usual, only credit or debit cards are supported as payment methods.

Just as in other countries with Pay, Swiss Android users can now pay contactless in shops and use the service online as an alternative to PayPal and others. Google's solution faces an uphill battle in Switzerland, as banks are skeptic of foreign payment systems and Swiss people love hard cash, so it remains to be seen how many banks will support the service.

Today's rollout makes Switzerland the 29th country Pay is available in. This follows the recent expansion of the payment service to Scandinavia and France.

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Image credit: Matt Foster on Unsplash