We live in a wonderful time in which you can have robots vacuum your house for you and you can get them without breaking the bank. Thanks to our friends at Amarey, 3 of you will be getting a robot vacuum for everyone's favorite price: free!

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Our winners:

  • Cecilia Nguyen
  • Jason Farrell
  • Jeremy Smith

The Amarey A800 isn't just any old robot vacuum, either. Have pet hair issues? No problem. The A800 has 1400Pa suction power to gobble up all of that stuff and do so without throwing bacteria and allergens all over the room.

It also has 4 separate cleaning modes: automatic, spot, edge, and single room depending on your needs. You can put it on a schedule so it doesn't run at inopportune moments and you can adjust the suction power depending on your noise preferences and level of messiness, too.

At just 2.7" tall, the A800 is designed to stay out of your way. It also comes equipped with 360° anti-collision and anti-drop technology. This means it won't ding up your furniture and it won't accidentally zoom down your stairs.

With 100 minutes of runtime, the A800 can clean up all but the largest messes on a single charge. If it does run low on battery, don't worry; it will find its way back to its charger and get back to work once it's recharged.

Sound good to you? You can buy it for $199 on Amazon right now, plus a $25 discount (see the checkbox on its Amazon page) for a final price of $174. By the way, keep a look out for the upcoming A900, which will be released soon.

To enter the giveaway, use the widget below. You must have a US mailing address to claim your prize. The giveaway closes at 11:59pm Pacific time on Thursday, April 25th. Make sure to come back each day for a free daily entry!

Amarey A800 vacuum cleaner giveaway