OnePlus is in a spending mood as it gears up to debut its OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro on May 14. Sure, talk might be cheap: executives and online media have been doing a lot of it about the Pro's unique display in recent days. But the company may have put forth its largest advertising commitment yet in telling the world that the OnePlus 7 Pro will not have a notch in its display.

@david_nyc on Twitter posted what would turn out to be the inside spread for OnePlus's ad in The New York Times. But instead of teasing the features that the OnePlus 7 Pro will have, the company is talking instead about what it won't have. For mobile display aficionados, the good news is that the phone won't have a notch or bezel.

The seemingly random promise of "No random music" could be an old jab at Apple, which loaded free copies of U2's album "Songs of Innocence" to every iTunes customer while launching the iPhone 6 back in September of 2014.

OnePlus also promoted its top-ranking position as a smartphone brand on PCMag's readers' choice awards for overall satisfaction.

The company's U.S. division later tweeted the outside spread for its ad.

OnePlus has seemingly placed abstract blueprints detailing the physical layers of its upcoming phone including the three rear cameras, a metallic cooling apparatus, and a pop-up selfie camera — at least, so the leaks and speculation go.

Some accuse OnePlus, based on these speculative claims, of jumping the shark with said bells and whistles. Other commenters have been ribbing the manufacturer on its decisions to produce phones with no wireless charging and no headphone jacks.

Whether the feedback generated turns out positive or negative, we can make one conclusion from this exercise in marketing: it is expensive. The Times's rate card for technology clients shows that a full-page ad for nationwide distribution costs $179,029, with international distribution another $75,029. Keep in mind that pricing may be tweaked for placement, color specifications, and bulk orders — from what we can tell, OnePlus has bought a total of four pages.

Will OnePlus get an ad's worth of returns in buzz? That may depend on how well the OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro will sell.