Regular readers will be well aware by now that Google is in the process of adding a dark mode to all of its core Android apps, including Phone, Contacts, Messages, and so on, supposedly in preparation for the holy grail — a system-wide dark mode. An app of slightly lesser importance is the Google Calculator, but it's receiving the dark mode treatment nonetheless.

Version 7.6 is currently rolling out to users. At first glance, it appears as though nothing much has changed, except for a little pill to make it clear you can pull down to see the app's history. If you tap the overflow (three-dot) menu, you'll find the new 'Choose theme' option, which allows you to select Light, Dark, or Set by Battery Saver.

Blinded by the light.

Light is as before, Dark is as you would expect (sorry, it's very much a dark gray and not true black), and the final choice will keep things bright until battery saver mode is triggered. And that's about all there is to it.


You merely adopted the dark.

It's worth also noting — as it wasn't something we were really aware of before — that if the display ratio of your device is sufficiently tall, you'll get the advanced equation options above the number pad rather than in a slide-out panel. Google Calculator version 7.6 is gradually rolling out now via the Play Store but you can download it from APK Mirror right now.