There's always a sense of concern when a popular app is sold off to a new owner. Sometimes everything goes well, but it's not uncommon for new ownership to lead to more aggressive advertising or other problems. QuickPic was a popular photo gallery app years ago, and it has returned to the Play Store — in worse shape than ever.

For the unacquainted, QuickPic was purchased by the famously-terrible Cheetah Mobile in 2015. It was only a matter of time until the app was loaded with spyware and malicious advertisements, but following a click fraud scheme involving Cheetah Mobile, the app (along with others from the company) was pulled from the Play Store late last year.

QuickPic has quietly returned to the Play Store, and just about every new review is negative. Some of the many complaints include an inability to play video, graphical glitches, crashes, excessive memory usage, and photos not appearing. To make matters even worse, some can't access their backed-up photos.

The app still has an average rating of 4.5 stars on the Play Store, but it likely won't stay that way for much longer. If you were still hanging onto QuickPic, it might be time to transition to Google Photos. Camera Roll, Memoria, and Piktures are also solid options for browsing local files.

Cheetah Mobile reached out to us and said QuickPic was not previously removed from the Play Store due to click fraud the company simply didn't want to maintain it anymore. The only reason it was restored to the Play Store was to "officially notify its users that services related to CM Cloud will be discontinued, while other features remain as is."