Telegram X went through a period of radio silence, but it's recently returned with a vengeance. As we near the end of April, the app just received a big update to the stable branch – previously available (mostly) in the beta versions – a fairly typical thing when X is in healthy development. The list of additions and changes is, as expected, massive, so I'll do my best to point out the important things.

First up, and the highlight of the April update, is what the developer is calling Notifications 2.0. This overhaul is a complete rework of the notification system, working to improve reliability, speed, and overall behavior — something worth getting excited about all on its own. They now work even if you're not connected to Telegram servers, such as if you're in a country where the service is banned. Another thing that really excites me is "Dismissed notifications will not appear again when receiving notification from another chat," something that drives me nuts in the main Telegram app. In the last few versions, I have noticed that notifications are much better, often coming in alongside the main app or even before.

Furthermore, Telegram X now allows users to create polls (a big deal in some of the groups I hang out in), a reworked internal system for multiple accounts, faster app launch speed and recovery from errors, new 2FA email recovery, "improved censorship circumvention," chat filter by type, and a host of additional improvements and little bits to enhance the user experience.

Normally, we paste the changelogs here for you all to check out for yourselves, but these Telegram X updates are often just too long. So if you're interested in reading about what's new, be sure to check out the source link for more info. We also have the update for you over on APK Mirror.

Telegram X
Telegram X
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