Amazon already has two music streaming products Amazon Music (a limited library available to all Prime users) and Music Unlimited (a larger streaming library for $7.99/month). A new report claims the company is working on an additional service intended to directly compete with Tidal.

Music Business Worldwide reports that Amazon is "currently in discussion with various large music rights-holders" about a high-fidelity music streaming service. Pricing is expected to be around $15/month, and it will likely launch sometime this year. For reference, Tidal's Hi-Fi subscription costs $19.99/month.

One source told the site, "It’s a better bit rate, better than CD quality. Amazon is working on it as we speak: they’re currently scoping out how much catalog they can get from everyone and how they’ll ingest it."

If the report is to be believed, Amazon will have four tiers of music streaming services a free basic option on Alexa speakers, Amazon Music, Amazon Music Unlimited, and a high-fidelity service. That's a lot to keep track of.