It's a weird time to be a smartphone shopper. Should you be holding out until your next phone is 5G? Will 5G even impact your usage, for that matter? And assuming Samsung can resolve its manufacturing kinks, could a crazy folding-screen phone actually be in your future? As you try to work your way through those critical decisions, here are a couple of our favorite deals from the past week to distract you:

Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL: $200 off

Sure, neither of these handsets will usher you into the world of 5G, and if you do end up folding the screen on either, you're in a lot of trouble. But they are some fantastically solid smartphones with dazzling cameras and unparalleled software support. We've seen them for $200 off before, and better deals do come around now and then, but none of that should get in the way of you saving some serious cash on two of the best phones around.

Insignia 55-inch 4K LED Fire TV: $180 off

It's a little insane how great a TV you can get for so little money these days, and even at $430, a big, high-res screen like this with Fire TV smarts baked in is pretty alluring. But shave $180 off that, and at $250 we don't have to think twice about upgrading our living room. Sadly, the 43-inch deal we spotted last week is already gone, but this 55-inch offer is yours for the taking.

JBL Link 300 refurb: $40 off

Speakers are good. Powerful speakers are better. And powerful speakers with Assistant and Cast support? Well, insert Futurama image macro here. This puppy launched with an MSRP of $250, but after discounts and the savings you get on a refurbished model, JBL brings things down to a much more attractive $80 level.

Facebook Portal and Portal+: $100 off

Since we've clearly been mainlining the Google Kool-Aid, it may seem like heresy to talk about making video calls on anything other than a Duo-equipped smart display. But hey — different strokes for different video-chat-loving folks. If Facebook's Portal hardware calls out to you, now's a great time to pick some up, with the smaller Portal discounted down to $100, and the Portal+ available for $250.

RainMachine Touch and Blossom 7: $40 to $70 off

There's hardly any corner of domestic life left that hasn't yet been touched by smart-home tech, and that includes watering your plants. Look, summer's coming, it's gonna get hot, and if you don't keep your begonias hydrated and alive — well, you're just going to be the laughing stock of the neighborhood. Take some of that responsibility off yourself with either the RainMachine Touch HD-12 smart sprinkler controller, down $70 to $190, or the Blossom 7 Smart Watering Controller, down to about $34 at the moment.