Why does Google have to break all the little things we like to use? For one, the company still hasn't re-enabled the ability for desktop-based Google users to set reminders — it hasn't even acknowledged the problem up to this point. And now, the mobile weather applet is on the fritz with the latest beta of the Google app.

Specifically, we're talking about Google v9.72 which was published last week.

Whether you tap on the weather information on the home screen widget or looking up "weather" on the search bar or hitting on the weather bar within the Google app, you should now see a new and improved graph with the cute froggy that has adorned the fullscreen Google weather applet.

But when trying to access the "Tomorrow" or "10 Days" forecasts, instead of launching into the appropriate page on the applet which it is supposed to do, nothing happens.

Tapping on a button that is supposed to lead to the "Today" page of the applet, which would give you humidity and wind predictions, also does not work. The hour-by-hour forecast chart, though, can be browsed and users can also tap the weather.com and feedback links below — the latter link seems like a good idea right now.

We installed the current public release, v9.61 (which you can get at APK Mirror) to see if the applet worked as it should and it did.

At the moment, we don't know if Google could reinstate or replace the applet — it looks like the beta had a fluke in it because betas be betas. But if you absolutely need a long-range forecast right from Google, your best bet for now is to either hop off the beta program or just search for "weather" on Chrome or another browser.

The applet works on v9.78 beta/v9.72 stable

If you've been waiting for the weather applet to work again, it may be safe to jump back into the Google app beta program! We downloaded v9.78 this morning and were able to trigger the applet from the Google date and weather widget as well as through the Knowledge Graph with a search of "weather." However, we found that the weather bar in the Google feed pane will not bring up the Knowledge Graph and the links to the applet — another member of our team was able to get to the graph in that fashion, though, so let us know what you're seeing.

@PrimeMinister91 on Twitter has also found things to be in working order on the stable channel with v9.72.4 and we have confirmed just as much. We have this version right now on APK Mirror.

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