With the introduction of Android Q, Google started putting common system settings such as WiFi, Bluetooth, and others in convenient cards that slide up when needed. The company seems to take a liking of this approach, as it just started rolling out a similar feature for Google Contacts that pops up when you add a new contact via another app.

The new interface appears when you add a new number through a messenger such as WhatsApp. A card slides up on your screen, covering two-thirds of it. Here, you can choose whether you want to update an existing contact or create a new one. It feels more streamlined and less disruptive than the old full-screen version of it, but basically, it's the same workflow. The pop-up also respects your system theme settings and pops up dark or white, just like the Google Contacts app itself would.


Now, this is a launch that couldn't be more Google-esque. We've covered this update to the Contacts version this works on, v3.5.7, and only found some minor cosmetic changes along with better implemented dark and light modes then. However, the new visual has recently started popping up for our boss Artem, our tipster Christian (thanks!), and me. Our editor Rita can't reproduce this, although she's using the same app version as the rest of us. Making matters even more complicated, Artem sees this on Android P while Rita and I use Q beta 2. And there's even more to it: I've lost the functionality today, while it was working fine yesterday.

So, you can go ahead and download the latest update over at APK Mirror or from the widget below, but YMMV widely. As always, it's one heck of a ride with Google updates.

In an earlier version of this article, we stated that this new pop-up was created with App Slices. These are completely unrelated, however, as they are UI templates that show up within the Google Search app and Assistant, pulling content like Maps address information and Uber price estimates from the respective apps. We updated this post to reflect that.

Developer: Google LLC
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  • Christian Kalusky