The latest update to the ever-popular Action Launcher includes a new search feature that's been a year in the making. Version 40.0 includes Action Search, a powerful new tool that serves results from the web, your apps and contacts, your in-app search history, and your settings (from both your phone and Action Launcher itself). Also included is a snazzy new app icon.

In his blog post, developer Chris Lacy refers to Action Search as a "new pillar feature," such is its improvement over the previous search functionality in the app. In the case of some Action Launcher settings, you can even search for and toggle them on or off without ever leaving the search screen (see below). This new search feature is available to all users; you won't need the Plus upgrade to get it.

Action Search and Action Web Search.

In addition, Action Web Search will occasionally show relevant ads alongside search results, as part of a custom page or through the Bing affiliate program. In a separate post, Lacy explains that this is an exploration of a new business model in the wake of declining revenue. While this might sound worrisome, it's not really any different from the ads you're shown by Google when you search. Even so, you can ensure Action Web Search uses Google instead by purchasing the 2019 Supporters Pack ($4.99 on top of the Plus upgrade). Another new option lets you also select DuckDuckGo or Bing as the default search engine, if you so wish.

One other new feature arrives with v40 — a vertical screen padding setting. There are also a number of general improvements and bug fixes, including one that makes importing from other launchers with widgets more stable. You can check out the full changelog below:

Action Launcher v40.0 release notes:

• NEW: Introducing Action Search, a new pillar feature that allows for deep searching across your device, the web and Action Launcher itself. With Action Search, all searches triggered by the in-app search bar will display search suggestions from the web, your apps & contacts, your in-app search history and even Android and Action Launcher's settings!
• NEW: Introducing Action Web Search, a custom built Action Launcher themed web search solution that displays web, news, image and video search results.
• NEW: Options to change the search engine triggered from Action Launcher's search bar. Choose between Action Web Search, Bing, DuckDuckGo and Google.
• NEW: Option to increase the vertical screen padding.
• NEW: A new app icon that conveys Action Launcher as the colorful, customizable and accessible home screen app it aims to be.
• NEW: Supporter Badge appearance for all years have been updated to use a common style.
• FIX: Fix drawer placement sometimes being partially on screen after locking a device.
• FIX: Fix appearance of items when searching via app settings when using colored Action Search page.
• FIX: Fix crash importing from another launcher when a widget is on the dock.
• FIX: General performance improvements including the improving of app boot time, the fixing of a nasty memory leak and reduction in app reloads.
• FIX: Misc. stability fixes.

You can install the latest Action Launcher through the Play Store, or grab the new release over on APK Mirror and sideload it yourself.

Action Launcher: Pixel Edition
Action Launcher: Pixel Edition