Motion Photos are an interesting addition to our photography tools. Tap the shutter button on your phone's camera, and it won't just save a pic, but also a short video around that moment. If you're photographing kids, pets, fast-moving objects, and other important moments, the animations can provide you with context that a static snap can't. But since each company has its own implementation of Motion Photos, some aren't compatible with each other or with Google Photos. That was the case for Samsung, but it's changing now.

A few users have reported that Motion Photos taken with their Galaxy S9 and S10 devices are starting to animate properly in Google Photos on Android and the web. That means that you can tap the Motion button to see the attached clip or stop it and get the static image. They also get properly uploaded to the web.

Users are also saying that photos with attached motion aren't immediately showing up in Photos and that the animation isn't exactly the same as Samsung's. It seems that Google may be using its own algorithms to steady the shot and get a stabilized clip.

However, we weren't able to replicate this yet. Our own Artem tried it on his S10+ and regardless if it's a newly-taken pic or an older one, it just doesn't animate in Photos and fails to back up to his library. Waiting an entire day didn't change a thing either, so this seems to be a server-side change.

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  • Bruno Furtado