Google and Childish Gambino have been collaborating for a while already, even if it took Google months from announcement to a finished AR character of the musician. Now, the two are returning with a much bigger project, abducting you into Childish Gambino's world in an augmented reality experience through a game called Pharos AR.

When you first open the app, you're greeted by a sleek intro that asks you to use headphones, enable access to your camera, and use WiFi for multiplayer. Then, you can enter a glowing pink door in your environment, where you will find a trippy dreamlike cave accompanied by music from Childish Gambino. In multiplayer mode, you'll see co-players as dancing silhouettes, but of course, the app is not actually able to mimic their movements. It seems like the game is best suited for outdoor use since I quickly ran into stopped right in front of walls when I tried the app inside my apartment.

To advance inside the virtual world, you need to find hidden glyphs in your surroundings that will unlock more environments or levels with more music from Childish Gambino.

The game is based on Google's ARCore and powered by Unity, making it more widely available than Google's AR Playground app, which is only available on Pixel phones. You can grab Pharos AR from the Play Store widget below or download it over at APK Mirror. Now if only this game supported Cardboard, Daydream, or other VR-headsets, it would be an even more immersive experience, but that would probably be too dangerous to implement with mobile tech.

Developer: Childish Gambino
Price: Free