When most of us think of Bluetooth speakers, we usually visualize ones no larger than the size of a water bottle. However, Best Buy is currently offering the massive LG XBOOM RK7 Bluetooth speaker with a whopping 550W for just $199.99 — a full $150 off of regular price.

The XBOOM RK7 is equipped with two tweeters and two subwoofers. At around two feet tall (or wide, depending on how you orient it), it's a lot larger than a normal Bluetooth speaker with an appropriate 550W of power. The LED lighting pulses to the beat of the music, and there are also karaoke and DJ modes. If you somehow get ten of these RK7s, you'll be able to pair them to each other and play music through all of them simultaneously.

Retail on this is $349.99, but Best Buy is currently offering them for $199.99. Best Buy has also discounted Sony's similar XB7 speaker, though that only has 470W of power. Shipping is free, and in-store pickup is available as well.