It's not often that we discuss iOS here on Android Police, for very obvious reasons, but sometimes, it's worth it. Whether it's discussing a new feature that could impact us Android folk or Google bringing one of its apps to the platform, we don't live in a vacuum. On that note, that brings us to today's news: Google Fit is coming to iOS.

Part of what sets Fit apart from its competitors, like Samsung or Huawei Health, is the Heart Points and Move Minutes. In order to convince a person to do something they don't want to, be and stay active in this case, you have to motivate them and provide them with a sense of satisfaction (aka dopamine release) that will encourage them to continue the behavior.

Move Minutes are generated from moving around, as the name implies, but Heart Points are earned from hard work, like cardio exercise or even just walking a little faster. Though you don't earn any rewards per se, you can look back at your progress thanks to Fit's journal.

Apps and devices on Apple Health can be connected to Google Fit for easier tracking. You can download the Fit app to your iOS device today.