With One UI, the current state of Samsung's Android software is a far cry from the dark days of TouchWiz. The Good Lock suite of apps also makes Samsung's skin one of the most customizable around, and another round of updates is rolling out. The key additions are a new task switcher option and a toggle to enable or disable the rotation button in the navbar app.

If you fancy a new Task Changer style, the settings now show a handy preview of what you can expect from each option. At the same time, a new design called "Slim List" has been added (below center), which does away with full preview images and slims it all down to just a title card for each open app. This was an option on Samsung phones back in the Oreo days and will be a welcome return for many.

As you can see from the screenshot on the right, there are a couple of new toggles in the NavStar app. The first allows you to turn the rotate button on or off, just as you would by turning auto-rotate off. The other toggle is for overriding the navbar theme with your current theme, presumably so that you can keep your navbar of choice even when changing the general device theme.

Some of the other Good Lock apps have also received updates, but we've not spotted anything else new so far and nor have we found the official changelogs yet — let us know if you see anything of interest. You can download the latest Good Lock updates — including Task Changer and NavStarfrom APK Mirror. Another Samsung app to see a recent update is the One Hand Operation + app which now lets you have both left and right triggers active at the same time.

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  • Zachary Kew-Denniss